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Hong Phuc, originally from Vietnam, has lived in the US, Singapore, and UAE. She is the founder of FOSSASIA, an initiative in Asia bringing together an inspiring community across borders and ages to form a better future with Open Technologies and ICT. Hong Phuc organizes events like the annual FOSSASIA Summit since 2009 and puts together Science Hackdays across the region in Vietnam, Singapore, India, UAE and China. URL: |

Hong Phuc is also a regular speaker at tech conferences: The Impossibility of Mapping (Urban Asia) conference Singapore 2016, Unesco Case4Space Conference Bangkok 2016, OpenTechSummit Berlin 2016, Nationaler IT-Gipfel 2015, Libre Graphic Meeting Toronto 2015, Chaos Communication Congress (31c3) Hamburg 2014 etc.

Hong Phuc was featured in the BMZ's study 'a Women’s Pathways to the Digital Sector: Stories of Opportunities and Challenges'

Workshop on Open Event System: is an open source event management solution built by FOSSASIA team. More than 5,000 code commits have been made to the project during the last 2 years from nearly 100 developers around the globe.

The system enables organizers to manage events from workshops to conferences and meet-ups. It offers features for events with several tracks and venues. Event managers can create invitation forms for speakers, build schedules in a drag and drop interface, implement ticketing system and much more. The event information is stored in a database. The system also provides API endpoints to fetch the data, and to modify and update it. Organizers can import and export event data in a standard compressed file format that includes the event data in JSON and binary media files like images and audio.

The system offers a platform where event organizers can easily archive and freely share their event data with people around the world. The public can get access to all the information of open tech events, gatherings, conferences, workshops worldwide throughout the year. One of the aims of the project is to encourage leaders & influencers to open and share their data, which helps to grow the central knowledge and benefit the community.

During this workshop, Hong Phuc will show step-by-step how to set-up and run open-event system for your own conference/workshop. She will introduce all the current features and functions. Audiences are invited to share feedback and expectations for improvements as well as future development of the project.

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